Why is it important to choose trading platform carefully?

Why is it important to choose trading platform carefully?

Once you decide to take advantages of trading via online interface, you will need a trading platform enabling you to realize your trade orders to buy or sell trade instruments, provide you with data analysis and control your open positions. 


Trading platform 

You should always think carefully about advantages of each platform before you choose any. A platform helps control your business acount, and therefore has to meet all your criteria. A business platform can be easily downloaded into your smart phone, a tablet or a computer to monitor current prices, execute orders or manage your account based on your current needs. 


Each trading platform should have these basic properties:


Intuitive manipulation

If manipulation with your platform is difficult, you should pay attention. Manipulation with most trading platforms should be fast and simple. 


Fast orders execution

Every second is important when executing trade orders. 


Professional trading instruments

A series of tools is necessary for comfortable and maximum utilization of any platform. These tools will help you with fundamental and technical analysis of each instument. 


Mobile app

As you need to keep track of current situation even on your business trip or holiday, your platform should be available via mobile app. Some modern platforms such as xStation enable operations via smart watch. 



An integrated calculator is an essential tool when you need to calculate the value of your planned purchase, recount value of one pip or, for example, the amount of a margin.



CapitalPanda uses platform MetaTrader 5 for its trading. This platform is number one for CFD trading globally, and enables you to work from any web browser or device 24 hours a day. Apart from its high versatility, this web trading platform offers maximum protection of your personal details – all all transmitted information is securely encrypted. The platform is a successor of a popular platform MetaTrader 4 and offers advanced charts, trading instruments as well as automated trading. The software offers system Expert Advisor, which can be utilized for automated trading.

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